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Pink Elephant Thai VIP Christmas Party

Pink Elephant Thai VIP Christmas Party

This past Monday, LuvnGrace threw a VIP Christmas Party at Pink Elephant Thai, which included fashion shows from Timeline Boutique, Smooch Boutique Swimwear & Element 7 Style. The venue was packed, housing hoards of models, photographers, media pro’s and a few notable Vancouver names.

Smooch Boutique showcased a very diverse line of edgy women’s swimwear, with pieces that were young, playful and (at times) daring. With collection names like “Adore Me”, “All Dolled Up”, “Resort Chic” & “Lounge Chic” it’s obvious that there’s something here for every woman, for any occasion that calls for swimwear. Needless to say, the vision of swimsuits had just about everybody in the room longing for summer…

Timeline Boutique is a consignment shop specializing in high-end women’s wear, boasting brands like Louis Vuitton, Betsey Johnson, Fendi and Jimmy Choo. Timeline is one of only a handful of high-end consignment shops in Vancouver, and they offer up dozens of brands at up to 90% off retail. A friend who frequents Timeline said that a lot of the clothes they carry still have the tags on them (Christmas shopping, anyone?) Now, if only they carried menswear…

Last but not least was Element 7 Style – a company specializing in body jewelry. The brand makes cool, edgy pieces that can instantly dress up even the simplest of outfits. Most of the pieces have been “upcycled” – that is, made from a combination of vintage and new materials. I’ve actually been familiar with Element 7 for a while – the lead in a film I worked on in 2011 wore some of their pieces in several scenes, and just about every woman on set needed to know where they were from.

This was my first time visiting Pink Elephant Thai, so my friends and I sampled a few items off the menu – all of which were amazing. If you’re thinking of checking it out, I’d suggest wrangling a few friends and sharing one of their group platters (huge variety of food & good portion sizes). Their signature bright pink booths, in-house DJ, great menu and all-around cool vibe make for a great joint to grab some dinner, or have a few cocktails (or if you’re me, do both).

Who said Mondays couldn’t be any fun? ;)

Trisko & Principals Talent HEROES & VILLAINS Party

Trisko & Principals Talent HEROES & VILLAINS Party

Fortune Sound Club was filled with an overflow of great energy and talent last night as actors, casting directors, agents, producers, performers and many others came to support each other and grace the venue with their characters (pun intended). It was great to see so many people commit to the theme, dressed up head-to-toe in costumes like Batman and Robin, Ace Ventura, Enrique Iglasias, Zorro, Dark Winged Duck and even a Probiotic Pill.

While Dylan from Trisko (dressed up as Ryan Gosling from ‘Drive’) was up on stage, in character of course, announcing the best costume results, I had tracked down Principals Talent owner, Jason Ainslie (dressed up as Zorro), and had a few moments to talk to him about this popular event.  It had never dawned on me to ask in the latter years why the two agencies came together to host one of the most talked about parties in the city, but with the intention to start a convo and get some answers Jason was more than happy to share his thoughts.  “ It’s good to show camaraderie in this industry, it’s not just all about competitive spirit”.  And let me just say that as an actor, last night was a perfect example of just that, another reason of why I am so proud to be from Vancouver.

It truly was “a good social event where all walks of life from the industry come together to celebrate the year we just had.” Jason couldn’t have put it better; some got up on stage with host DJ FlipOut and hip hop karaoked for us showing off their skills and others ( like myself and local artist Andrew McKeachie) walked around photobombing while staying in character.

I think it was one of most fun filled nights the Vancouver film community has had this year.  But when you have a room full of people (all vying for the spotlight), interesting situations are bound to happen. But what better way to network, share stories and get to know your competition a little better than over a few drinks, karaoke and standing in a wonderful costume representing that inner hero or villain we all have.

Jason Aislie summed up the event with three simple words: “…a great success!”