Beauty Night Society Fundraiser

Beauty Night Society “Luxury Travel, Art & Beauty Fundraiser” by LuvNGrace, Artistrun Collective & Golden Brush Art Events - November 26, 2012

Imagine the Ultimate Vancouver Fundraiser Variety show at the most fantastic venue and the perfect fusion of music, visual arts, fashion, and charity.  Well, stop imagining, because it already happened.  The event took place at the fabulous Fortune Sound Club and organized and hosted by Beauty Night SocietyVernard Goud: a curator of fantastic events in ever changing locations,  Kirsten Larsen of the Artistrun Collective, and Golden Brush Art Events.

They were daring enough to run the event competing with the concurrently performing Paul McCartney and Bruce Springsteen concerts.  Even with the tag-team of heavy hitter opponents such as those, the fundraiser still drew in quite a crowd, and anyone who didn’t make it definitely missed out.  The fundraiser was in association with Beauty Night Society, a Canadian charity that assists women in poverty via promoting self esteem and wellness by providing many essential services including makeovers and life skill development.

The show was presented by the Vancouver Television host Mandy Ross.  The lineup included a painting competition, fashion shows, live musical performances by Jody Quine and Diane Reyes, body art by Kristen Grant, Visual slide photography show by Disposable Landscapes, and DJ Boy Meets Girl.  It also included silent auctions (for the fundraiser) and booths giving product demonstrations for health and beauty products and services.

Live Battle of the Brush painting competition was held by Golden Brush Art Events.  Three teams of  two talented artists (with Bill Higginson + Jamil Keyani, Olga Rybalko + John Shaw, and Raymond Chow + Arlana Green) battle it out live and on location and under a time limit, and to be judged by the guests at the event for the ultimate win.  This prestigious award went to Olga Rybalko and John Shaw with the Swans, and in addition to the coveted victory, they also won a trip to Las Vegas for their awesome work.

The first fashion show featured the Numa Models displaying the crafty design skills of One Piece Vancouver with The Optical Boutique, and Rogue Designs.  The first show was featuring One Piece Vancouver with their awesome locally handmade indie boutique scarves, coupled with the unique eye ware from The Optical Boutique for a one-two accessory combo. This was later followed by a second show with the strong, bold and unique Rogue Designs.  Read more about Rogue Designs Fashion at our previous coverage!

All the while, Brent Ray Fraser was giving a performance in composite visual arts, combining painting with live-action abstract performance art that was a show in it self.  It involved candles, a banana and stripping (i.e. clothes).

Read about the products that were demonstrated (note: I’m not endorsed by any of them at all, and all of this is unsolicited), and scroll down to see more photos!

Product Demos at the Event

At the event many booths demonstrating various products and services in the themes of “Travel, Art, Beauty”  Here they are, in the order I discovered them:

Bliss Organics:  Dr. Fatma Mohammad, PhD (Microbiology, Botany, Biochemistry) – Dr. Fatma created this line of skin care products using all natural ingredients created to work with the biology of our skin, without any risk to our health or the environment.  Having a science background my self, there was a lot to talk about and it was good to see the actual developer using scientific method to create these products, particularly the emphasis on no risk to the human biology or the environment which gets glossed over or not mentioned in many other products.  Not everything that’s natural and organic is good for humans, and not everything good for humans is good for the rest of the environment.  Nuff said.  Unfortunately I already have near perfect skin, so I passed.

It Works! Stefani Chies - Featuring Friendships, Fun and Freedom, the triumvirate of unbeatable forces in our galaxy.  That’s what the box said, but the actual featured product is called the Ultimate Body Applicator, shown in a sexy black box.  It’s a non-woven cloth wrap infused with the mystical energies of botany to deliver tightening, toning, firming, sexy results near immediately.  With all natural ingredients of course.  If I ever get skin sag, I’ll give this a try, but at the moment I still got my luscious skin gifted from birth.

Carly Giroux- She’s an entrepreneur that offers various natural beauty products! Really, at this point, if your ingredients are non natural, people won’t even talk to you.  No, that’s not even right, you’ll get like lynched or something.  At the location, she had products from Sense, skin care products that stay fresh without artificial preservatives but uses patented Self-Preserving Technology.  It involves using liquid crystals that mimic human skin structure (science rules!).

Bodacious Beads: Christine Dibble – Christine brought out a whole tableful of handmade jewelry, using all sorts of beads, shells, stones and crafty jewelry ingredients.  She also runs a musical therapy + musical education program called Music for Life.  Services offered include music therapy, piano lessons, and music theory; to individuals or group, on location or at their studio.  Christine even does musical performance for events!

Lavender Avenue: Jacqueline Miller-  These were… amazing.  Jacqueline offers various lavender derived health care products, including massage oils, moisture bars and deodorants.  All these products smell absolutely delicious and are completely locally hand made using only natural and organic ingredients.  Yeah, so… make people smell your products if you want people to say nice things about it.  And I’m a big fan of lavender.  I wanted to eat that bar of moisturizer.

Keidas Health: Casey Moulton- Offering a solution to chronic pain, digestive problems, low energy and any other health issues, it basically offers to fix all of my problems simultaneously using the super secret sacred arts of bio-energy healing, widely acknowledged in many cultures throughout history.  I would have definitely liked to have these professionals use their specific hand techniques to re-establish my bio-field and maintain my radiant health (my doctor recommended alternative medicine) but… I was working.  NEXT TIME!!!

Cream de la Creme: Jolanda St. Croix- Jolanda runs this home business where she hand makes natural healthcare products that revitalize and rejuvinate the skin.  All locally hand made.  The emphasis and key was providing it at affordable prices to make it available to the masses!  At those prices, I think she actually just does it for fun without profit.

NuCerity: Dana Saunders- Dana showed me the product, it’s some sort of gel that is applied to the skin and forms breathable mask that lets the skin breathe over night while simultaneously re-hydrating it.  And it doesn’t rub off onto sheets, clothes or pillows.  She demonstrated it, so I can definitely vouch for the not rubbing off part.  Unless you’re a violent sleeper.  And it has grape seed oil, which is my favorite seed oil in the galaxy.

Mary Kay: Ronda Simpson- Ronda is a sales director for Mary Kay, and every urban humanoid in North America knows about this product.  I also embarrassingly glossed over the booth and walked right past it, but she found me and herded me back to her station.  I recommend the Domain Cologne, it’s like spray on lavender.  Worth having in your cologne collection if want to be cool (i.e. vain) like me.  Follow the link above!

Coastal Vacations: Rachida Tayach- (straight rip from the facebook event page) an association of entrepreneurs, professionals and home based business owners dedicated to providing the highest quality vacation values and travel benefits on the market today. Working with thousands of resorts and leaders in the field of travel and leisure, Coastal Vacations pursues this commitment by consistently seeking out the best vacation and travel values in the industry and makes them available to clients at rock bottom prices!

I’m just a photographer, you can ignore the writing but don’t ignore the photos!  See more photos from the Beauty Night Society Fundraiser below! (see the full set at my flickr!)


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